What are the long and short term effects of Tuberculosis?

What are the long and short term effects of Tuberculosis?

Well here are the effects:

A cough that will not go away
Feeling tired all the time
Weight loss
Loss of appetite
Coughing up blood
Night sweats
(sharp chest pain)

Pretty much the first 2 for sure are long term effects. Here is some more info on Tuberculosis test – What does positive tb test look like and how to read.

If you were to enter an old, abandoned tuberculosis hospital that had been out of use for over 30 years, would you still be susceptible to TB? How is it contracted?

Transmission can only occur from people with active — not latent — TB. The probability of transmission from one person to another depends upon the number of infectious droplets expelled by a carrier, the effectiveness of ventilation, the duration of exposure, and the virulence of the M. tuberculosis strain. The chain of transmission can, therefore, be broken by isolating patients with active disease and starting effective anti-tuberculous therapy. After two weeks of such treatment, people with non-resistant active TB generally cease to be contagious. If someone does become infected, then it will take at least 21 days, or three to four weeks, before the newly infected person can transmit the disease to others. TB can also be transmitted by eating meat infected with TB.