Foods That Is Prone To Food Poisoning

There are many cases popping up around the country of various foods that are causing bouts of food poisoning. Knowing what foods may be prone to such problems can help you avoid them and avoid getting sick as a result. Many times food poisoning can also be caused by not really taking care of your food properly.

Spinach is one food that is prone to get e-coli and as a result can make you sick. Baby spinach in particular is one healthy green that if not washed properly will certainly cause an upset stomach afterwards.

Fish if not stored in a freezer or stored outside in the heat for a long time will unquestionably start to grow harmful bacteria that will make anyone nauseous. There are some fish such as the blowfish that could actually kill you if not properly cut up by the correctly trained sushi chef.

Raw red meats from just about any animal will surely cause some to get sick from e-coli and other bacteria that can grow on the meat. If you leave a bit of steak outside a fly can come and deposit its eggs on the meat and the larvae once reaching your stomach will cause you to be terribly sick.

Cheeses if not stored correctly can fester a lot of harmful bacteria. While many advocate not storing your cheese in the fridge to keep its flavor, it is highly recommended you do that in order to prevent yourself from getting sick. If you wish to serve cheese for a party, just take it out several hours before hand so that it can reach the optimum temperature.

Serving food can be safe and easy to do if you just know what to do. Keeping in mind that you always want to be serving the freshest food available should help you avoid many food borne illnesses.