Frederic Fekkai at Rag & Bone

Earlier today, Frederic Fekkai Lead Stylist, Teddy Charles, tended to the tresses of the Rag & Bone models.  This is such a beautiful look that can easily be recreated with the how-to below.

The look was a bit rough and tousled, full of texture and volume.  After a few spritzes of Fekkai Tousled Wave Spray, he rolled hair to make it piecey.  He then wrapped and teased the hair into messy tendrils with Fekkai Full Blown Volume Lifting Hairspray.  He completed the look with the Fekkai Au Natural Dry Shampoo to create a matte finish.

The products used:

Fekkai Coiff Océanique Tousled Wave Spray – $23
Create a tousled, wavy look with this lightweight styling mist. Touchable polymers help to form and rejuvenate waves with flexible  control.

Fekkai Full Blown Volume Lifting Hairspray – $20
This lightweight formula holds volume to lift the roots and delivers powerful fullness that is never stiff or sticky.

Fekkai Au Naturel Powder Clean Dry Shampoo – $23
This naturally formulated product free of sulfates, parabens, dyes and synthetic fragrances, gently cleanses hair with a natural botanical blend, infuses hair with conditioning ingredients, removes excess oil and builds volume. Hair is left refreshed and revived without the use of water.

Foundation + Brush = Genius

Looking for a foundation and brush? How about a nifty little package with both a foundation and brush – all in one simple, easy to apply package? Milani, right from your favorite drugstore, has a few of just this type of product for you.

Milani Minerals Loose Makeup with an exclusive twist down brush.

Available in ten shades, this loose powder is talc-free. The easy to use brush makes application effortless providing impeccable, flawless, build able coverage.

Another foundation from Milani is a liquid foundation, with the brush attached as well. It is the Glow Natural Brush-On Liquid Foundation. This is a large tube that foundation is clicked up through to apply right through the brush. This is ultra-portable for touch-ups. Glow Natural comes in four perfect shades.

Milani Cosmetics are available at CVS, Walgreens, and mass merchandiser’s such as Target.

Genius ideas!

Space Shed Plans

It would be smart to invest in a set of high quality yard storage training prior to your organization drive a a 60 minute nail, it may not be any distinct as compared to hoping to bring in to an odd city without using a street map.

There are plans all over the internet on how itineraries for building and also that will need to take a few minutes to have a look. It is just a little tedious but it’ll a good thing in the end.

Create your plan seeing that if you were showing someone who just knew nothing on the subject off building a forfeit exactly what had become needed for every step of during. Include element for everything! This might are like a lot of extra carry out at first, but failure to incorporate enough details one of the a number of common mistakes available when drawing forward plans. On course overboard on measurement details makes its actual building connected with your shed convenient because it just take the guesswork out in the open of each consideration of construction.

I went out and even bought some small but effective shed plans and went ahead and put it, carefully sticking to the plans and blueprint I was presented. I received my time then enjoyed the program. It gave us all a great deliver of satisfaction when I finished it, and just position there seeing how the small shed made in front to me, I experienced proud of my achievement.

So, what constitutes the best good shed program? For starters, many should be in order to understand understand. Measures aimed for Diy woodworkers must be very free of complicated, technical terms, moreover filled with sketches to better make this clear the process.

Undertaking research will require time yet you won’t ever have a headache finding ones that suit your needs. It can provide many days as well a few many months but it is an excellent learning experience.

It’s very important to know variety of shed need your name before buying a plans. Carry out you thinking of an outdoor shed? Or sometimes do you want a larger barn storage shed? It is good to hold this in head when looking for many plans.

Laying and severing sod – Sit your first line of sod just starting against edge about a flower bed, house, patio or whichever landscape border. The next row should overlap at the seam. Don’t line up your primary seams! Arrange seams to refrain from using lines when grass grows in. Use a turf cutter (you should buy one at most lawn and garden stores) to cut along all limits and around lanscape sprinkler heads. Remember to keep all pieces on the side as you may need them to send in as you show results.

Where do I find men to date?

You’re feeling good about yourself. You’ve been working on your image, your body and you have a brand new outlook on life. Positivity and happiness radiate off of you in waves. But wait, where are all the great guys? Shouldn’t they be ringing your doorbell and asking you out?

In the world, you have to know where to meet the guys. Beauty is worthless if none can appreciate it. Its like having the most interesting story in the world to tell, but no one to tell it to. If you’re a brand new person and ready to hit the dating scene, you have to be at the dating scene.

Too many women go to bars and clubs to meet men. Listen ladies, those are places you go to for a good time and maybe a hook up. If you’re looking for a quality man, you can’t hang out at places where people go to get drunk and rub against each other. I’m not saying that there are no good quality men at bars and clubs but even you have to admit that separating a good guy from the jerks at a club is horribly difficult and in a place where you can’t even hold proper conversation, it is nigh impossible.

But fret not, there are many better places you can meet and interact with men. First off, take a look at what affiliations you have. Are you involved in some sort of social club? You should have some sort of social activity that allows you to meet people.

Most women don’t realize that the best place to meet men is at a place where they carry out their hobbies. Any recreational class offers an opportunity to meet men who are interested in the same things you are. This gives you the chance to meet a partner who shares the same passions you do and will make forging a relationship that much easier.

Another place you can go to meet men is church. But be warned! Just because he is a man of Christ doesn’t mean he is not a man. Men at church all have human personalities like any men elsewhere. Don’t assume that he is a ‘good’ man from the outset. Spend the time to get to know him and learn what it is that makes him who he is. Don’t jump into a relationship too fast! It will only lead to misunderstanding and hurt. The upside of church is that there are men who go there to look for a partner and are more likely to be looking for women of quality.

Libraries are another great place to meet men. Though most men you meet there will be more studious, it does not mean they are not adventurous or outgoing. Many fine men enjoy works of literature and can be found perusing books at libraries. Take a chance and don’t be afraid to approach a man and strike up a conversation.

Last but not least, ask your friends! Dating a friend of a friend is advantageous due to the fact that you can know more about him just by asking your friends. Also your friends will have background information and a knowledge base of their likes, dislikes and a general idea of how they are. A lot of your work is done for you and will make it easier for you to move things forward. Just remember that after the initial phase is over, you’re going to have to put in the work to figure him out. No one likes to be the one in the middle.

If you are really lost or your social life is for some reason not going very well, try online dating. It will take more wading through to find a decent guy but the advantage there is you have more time to pick and choose and usually, all their information is displayed on their profiles so it’ll help you make a more informed decision.

Get to know men on an intimate level by knowing what they will do at any point in the relationship!

Gas tax shortchanging must end

Members of the Metropolitan Planning Organization have righteousness on their side in protesting the imbalance of federal gas tax funds allocated to Manatee and Sarasota counties.

The MPO, a coalition of elected officials representing various agencies of local government in the two counties, speaks for all bi-county residents in complaining to the Florida Department of Transportation about being “gas tax losers” when the Florida Department of Transportation divvies up its share of federal gas taxes.

It’s bad enough that Florida itself is a gas tax loser in comparison with the other 49 states’ share of the 18.4 cents-a-gallon federal tax revenue. Only about 86 cents of every dollar sent to Washington for highways and 70 cents on the dollar for mass transit comes back to Florida. That’s a clear violation of federal law that requires each state to get back at least 90.5 cents on the dollar. It means that other states are getting more than their share, at Florida’s expense.

But what really ticks off local officials is a recent report showing that within Florida, the Manatee-Sarasota MPO for the last six years has gotten back only 53 cents of every gas tax dollar it sends to Washington. The non-profit Environmental Working Group said that is the third-lowest rate of return in Florida and 24th lowest of 256 metropolitan areas in the country. Over the six years from 1998 to 2003, Manatee-Sarasota MPO has been shortchanged out of a total of $204.4 million in road and mass transit money it should have received if funds were equitably distributed.

That’s a shocking shortfall for an area that is growing as fast as this one is. It leaves the area years behind where it should be in meeting highway and bridge needs.

Making matters even worse is the fact that FDOT can’t say precisely how much federal gas tax money is collected in Manatee and Sarasota counties and how the distribution formula works. “This is not an easy process to understand,” was the lame excuse of Rick Langley, secretary of the Bartow FDOT district to which the bi-county area is assigned.

That’s not good enough. FDOT should examine the Environmental Working Group’s full report, which blamed an outdated mindset within state transportation agencies that favors rural areas over urban ones. It cited “an outmoded legacy of a bygone era” of interstate construction that “is perpetuated by the entrenched political preference of many state ‘transportation’ departments to remain ‘highway departments’ attuned to the priorities of state legislatures that are dominated by rural interests.”

The message couldn’t be clearer. Our representatives in Congress and the state Legislature must fight harder to win a fair share of federal transportation dollars for the Manatee-Sarasota area. And citizens must become proactive in demanding equity from the bureaucrats who control the highway trust money. It is totally unacceptable for local residents to see almost half their gas tax dollars go somewhere else. That means more of their local taxes are needed to keep up with road construction needs – or else those needs go unmet.

The latter, unfortunately, is all too often the consequence of being a gas tax loser.