Foods That Is Prone To Food Poisoning

There are many cases popping up around the country of various foods that are causing bouts of food poisoning. Knowing what foods may be prone to such problems can help you avoid them and avoid getting sick as a result. Many times food poisoning can also be caused by not really taking care of your food properly.

Spinach is one food that is prone to get e-coli and as a result can make you sick. Baby spinach in particular is one healthy green that if not washed properly will certainly cause an upset stomach afterwards.

Fish if not stored in a freezer or stored outside in the heat for a long time will unquestionably start to grow harmful bacteria that will make anyone nauseous. There are some fish such as the blowfish that could actually kill you if not properly cut up by the correctly trained sushi chef.

Raw red meats from just about any animal will surely cause some to get sick from e-coli and other bacteria that can grow on the meat. If you leave a bit of steak outside a fly can come and deposit its eggs on the meat and the larvae once reaching your stomach will cause you to be terribly sick.

Cheeses if not stored correctly can fester a lot of harmful bacteria. While many advocate not storing your cheese in the fridge to keep its flavor, it is highly recommended you do that in order to prevent yourself from getting sick. If you wish to serve cheese for a party, just take it out several hours before hand so that it can reach the optimum temperature.

Serving food can be safe and easy to do if you just know what to do. Keeping in mind that you always want to be serving the freshest food available should help you avoid many food borne illnesses.

How to Make Yourself Throw Up

Vomiting is a forceful discharge of stomach contents through the esophagus and out of the mouth. If you need to make yourself throw up, there should be a right way to do by yourself and here are a few methods that can help you induce vomiting effectively and properly.

1. Emetic – Induce vomiting
An herb that causes emesis, that makes you want to vomit. Like Ipecac syrup, OTC emetics are over-the-counter (non-prescription) substances that induce vomiting. Do not take anything by mouth to induce vomiting.

2. Use clean fingers
The quickest way to make yourself throw up is to use clean fingers. Place your fingers on the tongue and move along the tongue with your fingertips.

3. Salt water
Excessive sodium chloride in the stomach activates vomiting process. So if you could not able to vomit by using your index finger technique have a glass of salt water.

4. Someone Else Throw Up
Our urge to puke when we see somebody else vomiting might also be due to the fact that the vomit isn’t exactly pleasing to the eye. If someone starts throwing up, it’s best if everyone stops eating for a while.

5. Ipecac Syrup
Syrup of ipecac commonly referred to as ipecac, is a drug that was once used as a cough syrup. It was for decades commonly used as an emetic to induce vomiting in poison control situations.

6. Throw Up When You Are Drunk
Being intoxicated on alcohol (i.e., drunk) and feeling sick are two different things ( although the two often go together) – Throwing up can also help your body recover and sober you up quickly. Use your index finger to induce vomiting.

The Dangers & Risks Of Self Induced Vomiting
These are the dangers of making yourself throw up after meals:

1. The risk of aspirating the contents of the vomit becomes high when this protective cough reflex is weakened or abolished.
2. The acid in your vomit won’t only damage your stomach and esophagus.
3. Suicide risk when feeling discouraged about having bulimia or a relapse.


Queen’s Magic Bee Pollen, Propolis & Royal Jelly

Much of the food that we consume has been over-processed and stripped of their beneficial nutrients. Although some vitamins and minerals are added back in the processing, this doesn’t necessarily make the food as healthy as a whole, unprocessed food.

Bee products are an effective and affordable way to fill the nutrient deficiency these foods leave behind.

The Queens Magic product is nature’s most powerful superfood combination with premium grade Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen and Bee Propolis in a highly concentration formula. This combination of bee products has very high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats, amino acids, antioxidants, important enzymes and coenzymes that boost the immune system and help the body fight-off disease and cancer.

Bee pollen contains at least 18 amino acids which are the building blocks of protein needed for every cell in the body, from organs and bones to blood cells and skin.  Bee pollen also contains lecithin which helps dissolve fat and flush it from the body, as well as contains natural phenylalanine, an appetite suppressant. This combination improves metabolic function and greatly aids in weight control and assists in maintaining a healthy weight.

Royal Jelly has shown effects of lowering and balancing cholesterol, and has anti-inflammatory properties. It has demonstrated stimulation in the growth of brain stem cells and support healthy brain function. The powerful superfood combination provides a nearly endless list of health benefits and is the ultimate health-ally to include in your daily diet. Get an entire vitamin shop in a single pill with Queens Magic.

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Since ancient times this superfood has long been known as a powerful anti-viral that is responsible for fighting disease, and also preventing it.

Royal Jelly:1, Bee Pollen:2 Bee Propolis:3

Durham’s Queen’s Delight Contains Three Products

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Fruits and vegetables available now can help get eating on track

By: Suzanne Havala Hobbs

Most people think of the New Year as the best time to clean up their diets. But I know of an even better time.


Why? Because the foods that will best help you meet your diet goals are in greatest abundance from now through early October.

Starting now, begin a big push to add considerable quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals and snacks. They’re low in calories, high in nutrients, and they push low-fiber, higher-calorie foods out of your diet.

Here’s your three-pronged strategy:

• First, you’ve got to have the ingredients on hand.

Make regular stops at farmers’ markets and roadside produce stands. Buy locally grown fruits and vegetables when you can.

• Then, make it easy to use them.

A good way to ensure fresh foods don’t go bad is to set aside time to pre-prepare. Choose a time when you are relaxed and can spend half an hour or so washing, peeling and chopping. Put on some music, or park a friend or family member nearby and gab. But do it. Store pre-prepared veggies in plastic bags and airtight containers in the refrigerator so you have them on hand, ready to use, when you are in a hurry or don’t want to fuss.

• Now, incorporate those ingredients into every meal:

Use them in entrees. Toss wilted greens or chopped broccoli, mushrooms, carrots and onions with cooked pasta and olive oil — and fresh herbs – to make pasta primavera. Chop and grate fresh vegetables such as lettuce, carrots, green peppers, and cucumbers and use them to fill pita pockets. Add a scoop of hummus or a sprinkling of reduced-fat grated cheese and vinaigrette salad dressing.

Add them to salads. Slice strawberries in half and toss them with broken walnuts, baby spinach leaves and poppy seed dressing. Slices of papaya, mango and avocado are also good with salad greens.

Garnish with them. Sliced bell peppers, parsley, grated carrot, daikon radish, tomato slices, purple cabbage and wedges of melon add color and flavor.

Snack on them. Set out sliced vegetables with dip — black bean, low-fat salad dressing, hummus or salsa — and they’ll disappear. Berries, pineapple and melon chunks go well with vanilla yogurt.

And plan ahead for the many times you won’t have the time or inclination to cook. Keeping cold salads on hand is an especially good idea. Not only are they more appealing in hot weather, but many salads can be served as a one-plate meal.

Just as you pre-prepare fruits and vegetables for other uses, plan to set aside time on a regular basis to fix fresh salads, too. Use whatever you have on hand.

Some good combinations:

• Cucumber and tomato salad with diced red onion (best if eaten within two days).

• Greek salad (also best eaten within two days).

• Melon salad. Add mint from the garden.

• Green bean and boiled potato salad. Steam fresh beans. Toss with vinegar and olive oil. You can add chopped pimentos or roasted peppers.

• Vinaigrette coleslaw. Add onions and grated carrots and red cabbage. Try a variation using dill from the garden.

One of my all-time favorite salads is an endless combination of summer garden vegetables — romaine, green onions, red cabbage, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, bell peppers and cucumber — minced finely and tossed with garbanzo beans, croutons and creamy Italian dressing. It keeps in the refrigerator for several days and with a couple of pieces of Italian bread is a meal in itself.

Get into these habits through the growing season — then carry them right through the year.

Pesticide residues

The May 12 column referred to a shopper’s guide, created by the Environmental Working Group, ranking pesticide residues on fruits and vegetables. EWG identified 12 with the highest residue levels of those examined, for consumers who want to avoid even low levels of pesticide residues. For 11 of those, the group says it used USDA data based on foods that had been washed or peeled before being tested. For red raspberries, EWG says only FDA data from unwashed samples were available. Foods were ranked based on a composite score of several variables, and EWG says the net result still placed red raspberries in the top 12.