Why You May Never Lose Weight

Many people are not aware that excessive belly fat, is not only ugly, but is also dangerous to your health. Scientific studies have shown that although it is unhealthy to have excess body fat throughout your body, it is also particularly dangerous to have excess belly fat. I recommend you read the article below for further info.

Cases abound of people trying to lose weight at different times without success. when I say, you may never lose weight, I mean exactly that. We live in a fast world where everything is expected to be fast, you need 1 million today, you want to get it in the next 1 hour, you need a girlfriend, you want her in the 2 hours. This is a fast world and people want it quick, the development of remote controlling was born out of our laziness and a need to get it fast. Everybody is in one kind of race or the other, it is scary.

While this fast paced world has produced tremendous inventions that has made us refine our world and made it a better place to live in, we all have to consider the negative effect this has resulted into. I mean, people want to lose 40 pounds in 3 days, they want to shed weight that was accumulated over several years in hours.

That is ridiculous and anybody that promises you that kind of result, is setting you up to fail and become miserable or perhaps interested in your money. Success does not come cheaply, you have to work for it. Before I start sounding like your Dad, I will like to point out a few issues you have to consider, if you are really serious about losing some weight but do not forget that experts have recommended losing just 1 to 2 pounds per week at the most if you want to lose it and keep it off.

Persistence and Discipline

If you expect to be pampered and read all the stuff you have been reading for years then this writeup is not for you. Why have you not lost the amount of weight you wanted, you have read several books, used many supplements and you have prayed and fasted. Do not waste your time and do not cause yourself  harm, all these myths will never help you, if you are  lacking persistence and dedication. To lose weight you have erase lazy attitudes from your memory. You have to be disciplined. Discipline goes like this:

I need to lose 16 pounds in 2 months, how do I go about it

  1. Cut down on fatty foods by 50%
  2. Exercise for 1 hour everyday
  3. Drink plenty of water everyday

These will all happen at a particular time everyday and I will stick with it.

Someone that is not disciplined will go through this routine for 3 days before missing out on vital parts of the plan, such persons can not be successful with their weight loss program. If you are like this, you do not need to wonder why everything you have tried is not working, why you have to stay up late on the Internet looking for the next available magic formula to lose weight. The fact is most of these things work only if you stick with it period

Unhealthy Internal Dialogue

Why do you always do that? You can not continue with that mind set and expect to lose any weight. How can you say things like:

  • I am fat because I like food
  • You know me, if I don’t have cheese burger in a day I will literally die
  • I like the way I am, I do not want to slim down ( then why are you reading this?)

You have got to stop these thoughts if you want to lose the weight. Do you know the internal suggestions that has enabled non overweight people to master their body structure and maintain a healthy stature? They have it everyday and are happy about it, they go like this:

  • I love to eat less fatty food, that way I can sleep well at night
  • Exercise is fun to me, I look forward to it everyday
  • I like it when I eat modest food, it puts me in control of my life

Take a cue from these and begin your transformation quickly

STOP EMOTIONAL EATING. Eating whenever you want and wherever as long as you feel like it. You can not lose weight and live healthy that way. This a psychological issue that you have to address to move forward. This writeup is intended to push you out of your slumber to take action now and it was especially written for you.

I want to help you succeed in your flat belly solution, that is not only UGLY, but also DANGEROUS. It is time to act? don’t waste any more time allowing that nasty abdominal fat to kill your self esteem as well as contribute to your risk for MAJOR diseases.

How To Lose Weight Fast?

Obesity is somewhat like modern epidemic. Millions of people in USA are overweight and always thinking like : how to lose weight fast?

Why do millions of people have gained weight?
Modern offices and work type are just becoming without any physical exercise. In older times, people used to work hard physical labor which was one type of daily exercise for them. In recent times, most people have started working in a small office in front of a computer. Due to this shift, millions of people have stopped doing any physical exercise which their ancestors used to do. Over to that, people have also started eating fatty burgers from McDonalds and burger kings.

Why do people want to lose weight?
Overweight body can be a home of multiple diseases. People increase risk of heart attacks, diabetes and many more diseases. Another important aspect to look for is social and professional appearance. People are conscious about their social looks and thus to look attractive, they want to lose weight. Single People are the most eager of them all. Job is another aspect. There are many cases where people have been given pink slips as they were overweight. Having a toned and slim body is especially important if you are a flight host or flight hostess. Some employers even delay the promotion of overweight people.

How to lose weight?
There are many methods or programs available in the market to lose weight fast. First of all, understand that fat loss is the most important factor in weight loss.Here is few programs available in the market:

1) Diet Pills
2) Crash Diets
3) Intense Workout
4) Lifestyle approach (hybrid and customized).

1) Diet Pills – It is just a scam. People may lose weight but has many side effects. People start gaining weight as soon as they stop taking pills. In short, people usually get addicted to it and get bonus of many other side effect diseases.

2) Crash Diets: Eating very less food. Not recommended for 99% of people. First of all, it is very hard to go for a crash diet. Even if people can survive that, they will starve their own body. As soon as they leave crash diets, they will eat more than required. Thus, they gain weight eventually.

3) Intense Workout: Recommended if your body can survive it and you have time for many hours to spend in gym.

4) Lifestyle approach – It is a hybrid approach in which you decide which type of foods are suitable for you and which type of exercises you can do. It is best program out there and recommended by 100s of real health experts. Diet Solution Program is an online program available which uses this principle. Watch the video given below to know more about that program.

Video On How To Lose Weight Fast

Hope You Enjoyed The Post And Video!

Why Does Everyone Want to Get Tall?

Hey I’m Mark,thanks for checking out my post about how to get taller- well, how I did it anyway!So, I’m a 27 year old studying in Austin. And can finally hug my girlfriend for real.I was however, at one point what you might call a shrimp… So I created this site to help other average guys achieve their ‘growing tall’ dreams too. Enjoy! And you can read more about me if you want on the About me page below.

Today I want to talk about something important…

What is the obsession with how to get tall? Why do so many guys want to know how to get tall?

Well, I can only speak from personal experience but I HAD to find a way to get tall. It had been the source of so much trouble for me. I felt like a kid when girls would bend down and hug me.

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Growing taller does so much for you that it would be impossible to name everything here. So I’ll try to sum it up… finding out how to get tall gives you an overall better quality life. I’ve got so much more confidence now it’s fantastic, and then there’s the feeling of pride I get whenever I go out… You’re a man, you’re strong and healthy in a society filled with an increasing number of  taller men.

But I could be wrong… what’s your thoughts on this? How will you feel when you finally do learn how to get tall?

Best Way to Lose Weight

The best way to lose weight, I believe, is to count calories, increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, limit saturated fats and of best way to lose weight course incorporate an effective workout routine. Combined with regular physical activity, calorie counting is quite effective for anyone hoping to lose some or a lot of weight.

As a health professional, I do NOT believe in diets because most of them require that you cut out an entire food group or limit yourself certain foods which we all know doesn’t work, at least in the long term.

Eliminating an entire food groups is not the best way to lose weight because what often happens when we eliminate foods we love? That’s right! They begin to be the only thing that you can think about. Sure, you will quickly drop a few pounds, most of which is water weight, but you will find that it will quickly come back once again when you resume normal eating behaviors.

For instance, remember the last time you tried a low-carb diet (if you have) and the only thing you could think about was a huge baked potato or a bag of potato chips? Or better yet, tried to eliminate sugar from your diet which makes you constantly crave something sweet and it won’t go away until you cave into your desire.

Most of us take our weight too seriously and only focus on what the scale says. If you are wanting to lose weight, that is great but I highly recommend that you first take measurements including body fat, BMI, waist, hip, and chest circumferences in addition to your body weight. If you are comfortable with taking your before and after pictures I also think that is a great idea. You don’t have to share them with anyone but will help keep you motivated. This way if you don’t see the scale budging, you can re-measure yourself and see if you are losing inches rather than weight.

Another tip for the best way to lose weight and lose it fast is to incorporate a strength or weight training program into your fitness routine. Females, here is a great program by Beachbody called ChaLENE Extreme that has help women lose weight fast! Ladies-don’t be afraid of weight training programs because building lean muscle mass will increase your metabolism and burn fat much faster than strictly an aerobics program by itself. Get more information on Food Preparation Tips, Reasons you might over-eat, Top 10 health foods, Ways to Control your appetite, drop a jean size, and tons of other great resources.

For all you men out there looking for the best way to lose weight and get in incredible shape, here is a program you might be interested in. It is called P90X! I have personally done this program and LOVED it. Check out my workout journal and my results page and/or watch this video.

Not exactly sure how to determine how many calories you need in a day? Read my site on determining how many calories you need.

To help keep you from getting calorie amnesia, I strong encourage you to keep a food journal of the foods that you consume, including beverages as they are often forgotten about. Below are some food journals I highly recommend you look into as I have used most of them and think they are a valuable resource.

Train Your Lower Back to Jump Higher

When working out to increase your vertical jump it is imperative that you are including all of the necessary muscles in your workout. One major muscle that helps you jump higher and is often overlooked, is the lower back.

Most people wouldn’t think that training your lower back can help you jump higher, so here’s the explanation. When a jump is performed, you want to do your best to transfer your momentum upwards. When you start out right before you jump, your top half is bent over, and your lower back is the source of your upper torso’s momentum in a jump.

Increase Your Jumping Ability: Depth Jumps

Increase your jumping ability with depth jumps. A depth jump is when you jump off of a box at a certain height, absorb the shock, and then jump back up as high as you can in the air.

This is an important exercise to managing your force transfer. The ability to transfer your force is imperative when jumping, because it is needed to project your body upwards more effectively. This exercise will also improve your plyometric ability.

There are many different exercises to increase vertical jump that are similar to this one in The Jump Manual, so you might want to check it out.