3 Simple Facts About The Blue Waffles Disease

You maybe see the blue waffle images from the internet, now what is it and is it real? Here are certain points for you after doing some research and it will help us on knowing this condition.


The name of blue waffle:

BLUE – the common symptom of this condition is to change the color of your vaginal area into bluish color.

WAFFLE – this is a slang that used in the reproductive organ in women.

Now you will find that it’s not a medical term for this disease and here is another question: is blue waffles real or not?


Is the blue waffles disease a myth or reality?

After looking through the internet about discussing this disease as well as a few blogs revealing information, we can make sure that the blue waffles is not a disease that we learnt, since there is no information on medical authority sites like WEBMD or others. So it will be not real in the current case.


Where are real pictures of Blue Waffles Disease?

You may be thinking: I can’t find any real personal pictures in internet for this condition. Yeah, it is the next question we will talk about. As we seen, several images in internet you can find show it to be an image of blue waffles, but they are almost same or similar, thus we will say, why we can’t find more pictures?

Here we can image that these pictures may be Photoshopped but not a real one. They spread like a virus on our Twitter or Facebook.


It is turn to decide if blue waffle is a myth or not. In my point, I can’t agree and I think it is not real definitely. I will do a little more research on it and get more details about this topic.

Top 6 Causes of Dry Cough

Many people who complain about persistent dry cough, have a hard time identifying the real causes of their symptoms. The normal approach would be to see a variety of specialists (nose, throat, ear, allergy, pulmonology, gastroenterology etc). Some dry cough patients even undergo a psychiatric consultation to rule out the possibility of mental illness.

Here are some dry cough causes with a high occurrence rate:

1. Asthma could have a variety of symptoms, but sometimes they don’t appear all together. This chronic health condition could manifest only in the form of dry cough. A cough-variant asthma is possible, and you have to find out if this is the problem with you, before you rule asthma out.

2. Other lung diseases like tuberculosis, lung cancer or occupational lung diseases like miner’s lung sometimes include dry cough as major symptom. The problem with lung diseases is that they often get diagnosed when the patient’s condition has seriously deteriorated and they become life threatening.

3. Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD may trigger dry cough due to the irritation of the throat lining. The larynx and esophagus suffer lesions because of the acid reflux from the stomach. The gastroesophageal reflux could occur at night, and during the day you may only suffer from dry cough. Hence it will seem more difficult to make the connection between the two. Yet, this connection exists!

4. Postnasal drainage that usually results in wet or productive cough, could also trigger dry cough. This sometimes happens with allergies and sinusitis sufferers. If the postnasal drainage occurs at night, the patient might not be aware of the condition, as no mucus is eliminated when coughing. The situation resembles that of GERD sufferers a lot.

5. Medications such as blood-pressure drugs have lots of side effects and dry cough could be one of them. The cases of dry cough as adverse reaction to medication have been reported as more numerous for angiotensin-converting-enzyme (ACE) inhibitors.

6. Smoking causes a persistent irritation at the level of the lungs. Dry cough translates the body’s effort to eliminate the irritant. Also known as smoker’s cough, the symptom disappears if the sufferer quits smoking. In such cases, the cough becomes productive and worsens at first until the lungs clear away the smoke residues and recovery begins.

Dry cough could be very bothersome, irritating the throat and causing voice hoarseness. Finding the cause of the problem is absolutely essential in order to start a targeted treatment as early as possible. Make an appointment with the doctor and follow all the steps required for diagnosis!

!! See your family practitioner or an internist first, and the MD will determine whether you need to be further referred to a specialist.

!! If the doctor does not check your medical record thoroughly or if he/she just writes you a prescription for some cough suppressing medication, you need to see another specialist.

What are the long and short term effects of Tuberculosis?

What are the long and short term effects of Tuberculosis?

Well here are the effects:

A cough that will not go away
Feeling tired all the time
Weight loss
Loss of appetite
Coughing up blood
Night sweats
(sharp chest pain)

Pretty much the first 2 for sure are long term effects. Here is some more info on Tuberculosis test – What does positive tb test look like and how to read.

If you were to enter an old, abandoned tuberculosis hospital that had been out of use for over 30 years, would you still be susceptible to TB? How is it contracted?

Transmission can only occur from people with active — not latent — TB. The probability of transmission from one person to another depends upon the number of infectious droplets expelled by a carrier, the effectiveness of ventilation, the duration of exposure, and the virulence of the M. tuberculosis strain. The chain of transmission can, therefore, be broken by isolating patients with active disease and starting effective anti-tuberculous therapy. After two weeks of such treatment, people with non-resistant active TB generally cease to be contagious. If someone does become infected, then it will take at least 21 days, or three to four weeks, before the newly infected person can transmit the disease to others. TB can also be transmitted by eating meat infected with TB.

Will passive smoking marijuana show up in a urine test?

Will passive smoking marijuana show up in a urine test?

Yes .. DUH!

Yes and there’s no way of getting rid of it,I heard it stays in your system for 3 days then I heard 3 months,I had a joint on a Friday night at a party I had a job interview on a Monday,Got the job then came urine test,The result picked it up that I had THC in my urine,The Dr told me it stays in your system for 3 months and long term users it wont fully leave your system to after 8 months,I hear drinking pineapple juice or putting toothpaste under your arm pits before sleeping gets rid of it but then Dr told me that was all myths,Just get of the weed dude for 3 months…

Will cranberry juice help you pass a urine test for pot?

Maybe if you don’t smoke pot, but drink the cranberry juice instead, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Only if you drink it while pouring synthetic urine into a cup.

No. But it’s good for kidney infections.

What Is Xanax GG249

It’s Xanax 2 mg. The use of Xanax as a street drug is mostly to help bring people down from a long period of being high. Usually cocaine addicts, methamphetamine addicts and others who use uppers will take Xanax so that they can go to sleep after being up for a period of days or even weeks! This is a common practice for those in the club scene. I know because I’ve been there myself and that’s what I used it for!

During my party days, I didn’t care what I was using, where I got it from and I darn sure didn’t worry about side effects! It wasn’t until later after I was able to get clean and sober that I began to research and realize how dangerous a life I had lived for all those years! I was a walking time bomb waiting to blow up! I remember being high and my friends offering me a half a bar to help me come down so I could go to sleep. It put me out for 2 days! This was the first time I had ever used it and from that point on I used it regularly.

As a medical use, Xanax was founded in the 1960’s by The Upjohn Company (now a member of Pfizer) in hopes of creating a superior sleep aid with muscle relaxant qualities. Later it was realized that Alprazolam was effective in treating anxiety, panic and mood disorders. That is when the company filed for a Untied States patent in 1969 and the drug was released to the American market in 1981. The use of this drug has been on the rise ever since, and its dangerous effects continue to sweep the nation in the name of medicine.

Alprazolam 2 mg with gg249 on it, which is the chemical name for Xanax, is a schedule IV controlled substance which is used to treat a variety of disorders. Some of the most common are anxiety, panic disorders, insomnia and anxiety caused by depression. This drug works on the brain and central nervous system to produce a calming effect by enhancing the natural chemical (GABA) which is produced by the body.

If you are using this drug, you should be aware of its side effects which may include as an allergic reaction: hives, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat. More serious side effects my include depressed mood, suicidal thoughts, no fear of danger, unusual risk taking behavior, decreased inhibitions, confusion, hyperactivity, agitation, hostility, hallucinations, feeling like you may pass out, urinating less or not at all.

I can’t say that if I would have known all this back in the day when I was using it that I would not have taken it but, now that I know, I want to spread the word! So far, everything about this drug is a turn off! If you are taking it and decide you want to stop please seek professional help! Since withdrawal from this and other drugs is different for everyone it is important to taper down slowly. The withdrawal symptoms are very dangerous and can result in seizures or even death!

Have you ever seen a commercial for Xanax and it shows all the happy people in the pictures going out to dinner, gardening in their beautiful yard or even working their dream job and being happy? If you’ll listen carefully to what is being said by the narrator, you’ll find out quickly that the picture is just an illusion! These companies want us to buy their product, so they paint a pretty picture!

The list of side effects that are being listed are usually not heard because we are drawn in by the soothing music and pretty life pictures. We are led to believe that with this drug, we too can have a better life! In reality what I see every day is people’s lives being destroyed by the use of these dangerous drugs! Our lives can be wonderful and amazing works of art if we just stop the addiction to the quick fix!

We live in a world where we want immediate gratification and the pharmaceutical industry offers it to us in a bottle filled with poison. Are we so blinded that we cannot see how the use of these drugs is affecting us and our future? If you would like to stop using any drug, please get help now! If you would like to join the cause and save the future for future generations, start now by look into all natural methods to fix your ills!

What Causes Eczema?

If you have a child, then there is a very good chance that at one time or another, you will notice that they have itchy rashes on their body. This is usually the fault of eczema, which is the most common of all the skin ailments. It affects a majority of people eventually and is most common among children.

What Causes Eczema?

One of the things that escapes medical science is what causes eczema. There are theories that it is in fact an allergic reaction or that it occurs in the body of people who are overly sensitive to allergens, and that is also one of the things that makes it so difficult to treat. For several decades now, doctors have been prescribing hydrocortisone to reduce inflammation and stop itching, but there are certain problems with using these kinds of medications, not least of which is that they do nothing to solve the underlying problem.

What Are the Symptoms?

When you are trying to figure out what causes eczema, you will come across a lot of information that describes just what it looks like. It generally starts as a raised rash on one of the more sensitive parts of the skin – behind the knees, on the wrist, in the crux of the elbow, or on the face. It is extremely itchy and although it is not contagious, it should not be scratched. This will only encourage infection and scarring. Eczema can start to ooze if it gets infected.

How Can You Treat It?

At the first sign of eczema, especially in a child, you should see a dermatologist or general practitioner for a proper diagnosis. However, once you know that you or your child are prone to eczema, then rather than worry what causes eczema, or how to treat it in the short term, you should look for more of a long-term treatment that will also prevent it from coming back.

Where Can You Learn More About What Causes Eczema?

One of the most popular resources for eczema is also one that is well known for helping people with impetigo, which is another type of skin disorder. “Eczema Free Forever” shows you a step by step way to deal with the short-term symptoms that you are dealing with – itching, pain, redness, scaling – but it also helps to find a permanent solution to the problem.

“I thought I’d never get rid of this problem. I tried every lotion in the store, but this program works. Thank you.”
– Nancy (Testimony)

How Does This Work?

“Eczema Free Forever” takes you through the steps that you need to follow in order to get rid of the itching, the redness, the pain, and the scaling, and to also make sure that you don’t get an infection. Then, it shows you foods that you should eat, those that you should stay away from, and ways to take better care of your body so that you are less likely to get outbreaks of eczema.

“My daughter has had eczema for years and this is the only thing that has worked for her.”
– Debbie (Testimony)

Does This Work?

Although what causes eczema is still in question, you can put money on the fact that it is a combination of allergic reaction, stress, and other hormonal issues within your body. Although topical treatments can help you in the short term with itchiness and rashes, the truth is that you will need to find a long-term solution if you want to be rid of eczema once and for all. This is one program that works, and it also comes with a risk-free guarantee.

Foods That Is Prone To Food Poisoning

There are many cases popping up around the country of various foods that are causing bouts of food poisoning. Knowing what foods may be prone to such problems can help you avoid them and avoid getting sick as a result. Many times food poisoning can also be caused by not really taking care of your food properly.

Spinach is one food that is prone to get e-coli and as a result can make you sick. Baby spinach in particular is one healthy green that if not washed properly will certainly cause an upset stomach afterwards.

Fish if not stored in a freezer or stored outside in the heat for a long time will unquestionably start to grow harmful bacteria that will make anyone nauseous. There are some fish such as the blowfish that could actually kill you if not properly cut up by the correctly trained sushi chef.

Raw red meats from just about any animal will surely cause some to get sick from e-coli and other bacteria that can grow on the meat. If you leave a bit of steak outside a fly can come and deposit its eggs on the meat and the larvae once reaching your stomach will cause you to be terribly sick.

Cheeses if not stored correctly can fester a lot of harmful bacteria. While many advocate not storing your cheese in the fridge to keep its flavor, it is highly recommended you do that in order to prevent yourself from getting sick. If you wish to serve cheese for a party, just take it out several hours before hand so that it can reach the optimum temperature.

Serving food can be safe and easy to do if you just know what to do. Keeping in mind that you always want to be serving the freshest food available should help you avoid many food borne illnesses.

Are You Suffering The Indignity and Embarrassment of Bacterial Vaginosis?

If you have Bacterial Vaginosis, you know only too well how embarrassing and frustrating this condition is. Are you absolutely sick of the useless advice from the medical professionals-none of whom are doing anything to help?

Are you finding that antibiotics are making things worse?

Many sufferers of bacterial vaginosis do not realize that this condition responds extremely well to natural treatments and can be completely cured by Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis which is a simple 3 step plan.

At last you can relax in the knowledge that you have finally found a tried and tested, scientifically proven cure which will cure your Bacterial Vaginosis in 3 days flat.

“I’d had enough. I was embarrassed and red-faced. I felt dirty.I was thinking “What’s wrong with me?”

When you read the comment above, does that sound like you? If so, you can put an end to feelings like that right away.

Do Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis Really Work?

Millions of women worldwide suffer from bacterial vaginosis at any one time. Although it is a very common condition it can be so hard to cure! Antibiotics are often given by doctors and whilst they might seem to work at first, most women go on to have repeated attacks.

Antibiotics upset the natural bacterial balance of the vagina and by doing this, it means that the good as well as the bad bacteria are killed off-this is illustrated in the picture above.

The “good” bacteria are needed to kill off any new bacteria which are introduced after the antibiotics have stopped working. As they haven’t had time to regrow following the antibiotics, the bad bacteria have chance to take over and proliferate and the bacterial vaginosis is back again!

Once you begin to understand exactly what causes bacterial vaginosis, you will see why the conventional treatments never really stand a chance of working and why Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis can be extremely effective.

Just 3 Days To Bacterial Vaginosis Relief

Kristina Tomlin, a long-term sufferer of bacterial vaginosis herself was, quite simply, desperate. After trying numerous courses of antibiotics spread over years, she felt as if she would never ever be free of the condition.

Eventually, she discovered Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis which really worked and you can read her story here

The whole plan is centered around the THREE STEP PLAN which totally targets the root causes of bacterial vaginosis.

Just a sample of what you will learn

* The one critical factor which stops the fishy odor for good

* How feminine hygiene products can impact upon vaginal health

* A shockingly easy way to immediately get rid of the burning itching using an ingredient which you will have in your home

* Exactly why you have Bacterial Vaginosis and how you can ensure you do not get it again

* The little known secret which restores the correct bacterial balance using a common substance-this ensures BV won’t return

* The common mistakes people make which weaken the body’s immune system

* The most valuable anti BV secret which the drug companies don’t ever want you to know

* Which common ingredient to watch out for in your toiletries which causes bacterial vaginosis

* Something you must never do even though your doctor might tell you to!

* What the medical industry does not want you to know about antibiotics

Using the Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis you will be free of this condition in no time.

Selecting The Best Acne conglobata remedy For Your Skin

Acne conglobata can be a large problem for many individuals, such as both young adults and adults. Many people believe that the presence of zits will reduce after their particular teen years are over however for many grown ups, this is simply not the situation. No matter how old they are, anyone with this skin condition may need to seek out an effective treatment in order to assist rid their particular skin with this unwelcome intruder.

Look at these images of acne conglobata as below:

acne conglobata

Many individuals consider an over-the-counter acne remedy and, nevertheless there is no quilt system that works well for everyone, the products often offer beneficial results. To guarantee safety during the use of virtually any acne treatment, people are urged to read the directions carefully and also pay close attention to any kind of warning labeling.

During the first utilization of any acne cure, whether it be by means of a lotion or pad, consumers are prompted to apply the particular medication to a small part of the skin just before proceeding along with application towards the rest of the region. In some cases, a great acne treatment merchandise may cause irritation to the epidermis, which may be reduced by applying the particular medication with a small test area. This method is not exclusive to the first use of the product and may even actually be used before each and every application. Even when irritation doesn’t present by itself at first, it could later come in future apps.

In an instance of a prolonged or severe case associated with acne, it could be necessary to seek advice from a dermatologist for an proper treatment. These types of physicians tend to be educated toward the treatment of epidermis and associated illnesses, that allows them the main advantage of recommending a personalized treatment program. In case a commercial acne remedy is not helping, there may be no use in continuous to subject matter the skin to that particular specific product. Instead, any dermatologist could possibly prescribe an acne treatment which can be found by prescription only.

In add-on to industrial and/or prescription treatments, there are a number regarding home remedies which can be applied in the direction of acne treatment. Through avoiding contact or a disruption to the acne conglobata breakouts prone region, individuals will lessen the chance of infection or added inflammation. In addition, washing the face both morning and also night might help to ease the presence of acne. Shedding products also may help to clear away the skins surface of bacteria and also dead skin cells, each of which may cause zits or stopped up pores. An excellent exfoliation merchandise will reveal the healthy skin cells as well as rid the deal with of the old ones.

When using any type of acne conglobata treatment product, individuals need to avoid connection with eyes and so are advised to clean their hands immediately after make use of. In order to avoid skin irritation, many treatment goods should not be found in conjunction with some other similar merchandise.

The information in this post is intended with regard to informational purposes only. It shouldn’t be used instead of, or in addition to, professional medical assistance or strategies for acne treatment. When acne is present, individuals ought to consult a certified dermatologist with regard to proper prognosis and/or treatment.

Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening at Home

Teeth are the most important part of your personality. Hydrogen bleaching agent teeth whitening at home makes a more easier way to care your teeth. Approximately every family has a pot of hydrogen bleaching agent prowling beneath their toilet or kitchen sink. As everyone understands that hydrogen bleach is helpful for stopping infection from scratches and cuts due to its sterile and antimicrobial things, many people pay no attention to the fact that hydrogen peroxide is a useful mouthwash and teeth whitening source. I have been by hydrogen peroxide as an element of my daily verbal hygiene routine and have noticed a noticeable difference in the shine of my teeth and on the whole health of my mouth.

Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening at home works like a bleaching agent and can be originated at drug stores all over. The Food and Drug management permits 3 to 3.5% hydrogen peroxide to be applied inside while the stronger attentions of 35 to 40% are used for manufacturing purposes like the peroxide of paper. Hydrogen peroxide is perfect for getting blemishes off your teeth and can be used in many ways. You can wash your mouth with it or wet your toothbrush in the solution for the reason of brushing the teeth. After two or three minutes of brushing, you will see an improvement in the color of your teeth. So hydrogen peroxide is a lively ingredient in toothpastes that are applied for teeth whitening.

You can use Baking Soda with toothpaste when you are going to brush your teeth. It is the best method at home for gargling with hydrogen peroxide. Baking Soda will not bleach your teeth, but it will assist get sign off and make them polish. Be careful that Baking Soda is a harsh and if you use it too much, this will damage your teeth area.

You can easily buy a hydrogen peroxide from your area medical store. Hydrogen peroxide is used to tackle skin injuries, but the antibacterial characteristics are also fine for oral related health issues.

Be cautious not to consume hydrogen peroxide through the bleaching procedure. Consuming it can source unsettled stomach, injuries or even damage. If you have wounds or scratches in your oral cavity, you may suffer a burning feeling when you apply hydrogen peroxide. The scratches may momentarily turn white. It is usual.

Be aware that hydrogen peroxide will not whiten teeth that have had earlier dental work, as well as fake teeth and fillings. This is because the removed color cannot penetrate the outside layers to remove the stains. Though, this kind of teeth whitening has been confirmed to work for many persons and you can anticipate it to work just as fine for you.

At the end, the whitening and antiseptic things of hydrogen peroxide create hydrogen peroxide a brilliant mouthwash for on the whole oral health. It may take quite a few applications of remove the color for the whitening to be obvious, but afterwards your teeth will be considerably whiter at a part of the price of buying a home teeth whitening kit. We are hopeful that you have liked our article Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening at home.