Where do I find men to date?

You’re feeling good about yourself. You’ve been working on your image, your body and you have a brand new outlook on life. Positivity and happiness radiate off of you in waves. But wait, where are all the great guys? Shouldn’t they be ringing your doorbell and asking you out? In the world, you have to […]

Gas tax shortchanging must end

Members of the Metropolitan Planning Organization have righteousness on their side in protesting the imbalance of federal gas tax funds allocated to Manatee and Sarasota counties. The MPO, a coalition of elected officials representing various agencies of local government in the two counties, speaks for all bi-county residents in complaining to the Florida Department of […]

Best Way to Lose Weight

The best way to lose weight, I believe, is to count calories, increase consumption of fruits and vegetables, limit saturated fats and of best way to lose weight course incorporate an effective workout routine. Combined with regular physical activity, calorie counting is quite effective for anyone hoping to lose some or a lot of weight. […]

Alternate medicine massage therapy

Massage is one of the simplest forms of therapy. It involves stroking, pressing and rubbing different parts of the body to relax, stimulate and reduce pain of the body. Massage does create a pleasant sensation to the skin. That apart, it acts on the soft tissues, namely the ligaments, muscles and tendons. It normally affects […]