The stye in the eye

The barley grain is described by doctors as Stye is an infection of the glands in the eyelid. In many cases, this inflammation takes a festering history. The stye usually is caused by infection with Staphilokokken, isolated, the barley grain, but also caused by an infection with streptococcus. The first symptom of a stye is […]

Frederic Fekkai at Rag & Bone

Earlier today, Frederic Fekkai Lead Stylist, Teddy Charles, tended to the tresses of the Rag & Bone models.  This is such a beautiful look that can easily be recreated with the how-to below. The look was a bit rough and tousled, full of texture and volume.  After a few spritzes of Fekkai Tousled Wave Spray, […]

Zi Xiu Tang Side Effects

If you happened to have  zi xiu tang side effects that are not specified on the product you should stop taking the supplements and consult a physician. Although most people show no negative side effects with Zi Xiu Tang and the product is considered to be generally very safe. Zi Xiu tang contains much more […]

Why You May Never Lose Weight

Many people are not aware that excessive belly fat, is not only ugly, but is also dangerous to your health. Scientific studies have shown that although it is unhealthy to have excess body fat throughout your body, it is also particularly dangerous to have excess belly fat. I recommend you read the article below for […]

Foundation + Brush = Genius

Looking for a foundation and brush? How about a nifty little package with both a foundation and brush – all in one simple, easy to apply package? Milani, right from your favorite drugstore, has a few of just this type of product for you. Milani Minerals Loose Makeup with an exclusive twist down brush. Available […]

Early Symptoms Of Pneumonia

At the beginning on the century, Pneumonia was a deadly disease which cause a huge amount of death. But now, as medical science improves, Pneumonia can be treated if it is detected early. With the creation of the proper antibiotics, Pneumonia can be cured. The symptoms of pneumonia are many but basically, it’s just inflammation […]